Mony: The Lord is Not Done Yet

The enemy is like a roaring lion looking to devour God’s children, but Christ said that “no one can pluck them out of my hand” (John 10:28).

Our friend Nico, who recently made a profession of faith in Christ, confessed that he had relapsed into drug abuse. Under that influence, combined with mental health struggles, he also betrayed our goodwill.

His actions were hurtful. This was the first time we had experienced anything like this. Most discouraging was that, to avoid us after betraying our trust, Nico prevented his whole family from studying the Bible with me, breaking our longstanding daily tradition of pre-sunrise Bible studies with the family in their living room.

Mary, Nico’s wife, will no longer look me in the eyes. Their oldest son Mony told me with tears in his eyes that he hopes to meet with me again but has no idea when that may happen. Mony, who once said, “I want to have a holy heart,” now is suffering the pain that comes for Christ’s name’s sake.

This war is not physical but spiritual. Since I began studying with them, Nico’s mother, who lives next door, has been a clear opponent to their conversion. Whenever I would arrive to study the Bible in Nico’s house, his mother would put on her prayer robes and recite her prayers while facing their home. Her eyes would be fixed on me as I entered and left. I would greet her with the customary phrase, “Peace be upon you,” but she would reply with, “Upon you, be no peace.” She never lost an opportunity to show her displeasure at my presence or that her son became a Christian.

The enemy is like a roaring lion looking to devour God’s children, but Christ said that “no one can pluck them out of my hand” (John 10:28). Those who have sincerely laid their faith in Christ cannot be plucked out despite the enemy’s efforts. Nevertheless, please join us in praying and interceding for them, so their faith does not fail. And pray that we do not lose courage and strength to fight onward for these families under a heavy yoke of bondage from their community and the enemy.

We are disappointed, but God is not done with them yet.

In our short time together, Mony has built a habit of reading the Bible daily. Though I have not been allowed in their home, the Word of God is still there and continues to provide comfort and healing to Mony through the painful situation of his home.

Just a couple of nights before I began writing this article—after three weeks of being barred from seeing Nico’s family—I received the following (paraphrased) message from Nico:

“Hello, teacher Eric, I’m Nico. I’m sorry for all the sadness I gave you and your family. My body is a big problem as time goes on . . . so I am really sorry again and again. The one I love in my life is Jesus.”

Please pray that the gospel light will shine from that household once again.

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