Missionary Widows

Aunty Ni lost her husband less than a year ago. He had a terminal illness, and the message of Jesus came into his life shortly before he died. Days before passing, he told her, “I am about to rest in Jesus, but you must be baptized and follow Him.” He firmly trusted that God would soon raise him from the dead.

Aunty Ni remembered his words and decided to fulfill her husband’s wish. Two months later, she gave her life to Jesus.

She belongs to our little church in one of the villages where between 30 and 40 people gather to praise God every Sabbath. Although Aunty Ni lives far away, she attends every Sabbath, whether on a motorcycle or on foot.

But she no longer comes alone.

She now invites four other women from her neighborhood, widows, to learn more about Jesus. They enjoy going to church and studying the Bible together.
One recent Sabbath, they told us they wanted to visit a family interested in Bible studies, so my wife and I joined them, letting them lead the study.
The family had a very traditional household: some of them only wore a colorful cloth that covered half of the body, and the little ones did not wear anything, as they surrounded themselves with their pigs, dogs, chickens, cows and more.

When we arrived, Aunty Ni and her missionary group began speaking in the “language of the hills,” a challenging language we cannot speak fluently yet, and we found some things difficult to follow. However, I recognized that Aunty Ni began explaining the plan of salvation to motivate them to begin to know Jesus. They agreed to start Bible studies.
Aunty Ni and her missionary group have now begun teaching five adults in this home twice a week, and Aunty is in charge of presenting them with the truths of Jesus in their language, culture and context. Supporting her on this journey is an immense blessing.

After the tragedy of losing her husband, God intervened to make Aunty Ni a missionary who motivates others to become missionaries. The Holy Spirit is directing our church members to become disciples who make disciples.

We are astonished as we think how Aunty was baptized only six months ago, and she already has a group of friends who accompany her to evangelize. Though her friends are not baptized yet, they are already missionaries.

We pray for this new group that Aunty is teaching. We know that converting people is the work of the Spirit of God, and we know He called her and is using her to win her people by sharing the news of Jesus.

Please, pray for Aunty Ni and all those God is raising in our villages who are determined to carry out this beautiful work.

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