Missionary Life

Each month, we send our field directors a summary of what we’ve been doing. Here is a recent report of what each of us has been up to.

The whole family attended the funeral of Chuu Cheum’s six-month-old brother.
Helped finish putting up a fence around the leach field.
Met with Sarim, Noy and Cara regarding school registration and land purchase.
Photographed signing of land purchase agreement and the down payment.
Continued overseeing the work at the front of the school.
Hooked the disc to the tractor with the help of Jym, Pi and Sokly, the man developing the land for the landowner just east of us.
Helped fix the tractor. This took place over portions of multiple days.
Disked the leach field.
Preached and led Sabbath School at Punih Village.
Continuing with Bible studies in Dumchi Village.
Working with Cris to get the missing slides shipped to Cambodia.
Hooked the rotovator to the back of the tractor. Replaced fluids, grease zirks and re-greased all moving parts.
Started rotovating the leach field. Taught Pi how to use the rotovator and left him to complete the job.
Troubleshooting problems with the septic system.
Gave money to Sarim for school land documents.
Changing money at the bank as needed. Pulling money from the ATM daily.
Continuing to call for supplies and paying the necessary vendors.
Visited and encouraged Neary and Suty in Dumchi Village.
Returned the next day to purchase peanuts and have them hulled.
Interviewed potential applicants for VP and school/land work.
Paid for Ryan’s classes at G2K.
Funeral in Koh Nheak for Mut Paek (Friday through Sunday). Worked on networking and observed cultural differences during the funeral.
Going-away get-together for Michael.
Took Michael to the airport.
Called to clear up a bank account issue.
Stopped at the Changfa dealership to ask questions about the tractor.
Stopped at the Kubota dealership to research brush hog options.
Talked with Pr. Lim at the Mission.
On the return trip, stopped in Kampong Cham and interviewed the church planter about the two people applying to work at the school/land.
Oversaw pouring of the cement driveways.
Paid the ready-mix company.
Witness signee on the final land purchase document. Photographed/videoed the signing and final payment for the land purchase.
Encouraged Jonathan in his work.
Led out in weekly prayer meetings.
Typed up requests and praises and sent them to our supervisors.
Funeral in Tak Pal Village for Adventist man who died. (He was from Chreung’s group.)
Helped push the slides (slip-and-slide area) for the year-end program.

Worked with Sarim and Noy on the school registration.
Finished the school logo and created the stamp.
Researched uniform designs.
Created forms for registration.
Participated in pre-registration.
Did physical checks on students.
Worked on cash-flow budgets, project finances.
Witnessed the land purchase agreement.
Oversaw planting of the peanuts in the leach field.
Interviewed potential applicants for VP and school/land work.
Attended Mut Paek’s funeral in Koh Nheak (Friday through Sunday).
Going-away get-together for Michael.
Prayer meeting.
Visited Neary and Suty.
Looked into Suty building the house on the agriculture land.
Sorted and processed leftover peanuts.
Sold some peanuts.
Researched housing options for new employees.
Negotiated housing prices.
Wrote job descriptions for agriculture workers.
Helped with the end-of-year program at the school.
Created certificates for the program.
Worked with Daniel on construction design and finances.
Participated in weekly prayer times.
CAPS board meeting.
Reviewed school finances for board meeting report.
Reviewed school finances with Jonathan to discuss cash-flow issues.
Encouraged recruiting at the school and gave ideas of where to look for more teachers.
Wrote a magazine article.
Sent pictures to Alex for the article.
Sent updates to a donor on land purchase and Mut Paek’s death.
Updated the list of things to bring for SM.
Helped Claudia with arranging SM’s ticket and provided visa info.
Prepared salaries and paid workers.
Oversaw workers.
Taught Sabbath School twice.
Learned new registration program that Michael created.
Registered SM for language classes.

Missionary life rarely has a dull moment. Thanks for your support and prayers!

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