Meet the Mariscals

“How long will you be gone?” The question came again and again as I told different friends we were going to the States. I wasn’t sure how to explain what furlough was and why we would be gone for more than a few weeks. It would have been very difficult to leave Khon Kaen if it weren’t for our great teammates who engage in their work with excellence and who willingly cover for us in our absence. There are three members of our team you may not know: Tammy, Irma and Luis Mariscal.

As planning for the music school got underway, Ricardo thought of the Mariscal siblings who were then teaching piano at a conservatory in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He knew they were mission-minded and learned that they had taken their love of running and turned it into an evangelistic opportunity, forming the group, Adventist Runners. In races, they almost always had someone on the podium, which gave everyone a chance to read the text on their running shirts: “I will run the way of Your commandments.” They invited new running friends to their small group and were delighted when they started attending.

The Mariscals prayed for guidance and accepted the call to teach piano at Peace Music Academy. Luis also helps with ukulele, and Irma teaches flute. They have inspired our team to join in community running events, which has further connected us with the people around us. Please join us in praying for the Mariscals and the rest of our team as they minister in Khon Kaen. We also invite you to join our support team as we raise funds to rejoin them.

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