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We have had to stay at our home in Thailand because of the coronavirus. I miss seeing all my friends at church and shopping with my mommy. But one thing I have really enjoyed is going to the train station and passing out food to all the people there who have lost their jobs. There are so many people there waiting for food! One day I went there with Adela Aleman, and we helped set all the food out on the tables. I also had fun passing out toys to the kids who were there with their parents. One of the girls I gave a toy to was wearing a white dress. When I handed her the toy, she said, “Khop Khun Kha!” which means “Thank you!” in Thai.

I also had fun going to the lake recently with my friend Ruya. We ran around together in a big field. When I sat down in a patch of wildflowers, lots of tiny ants began crawling on me and biting me! Then we went to an area that had some exercise equipment, and we pretended we were working at a restaurant and making special food for each other. After that, we went to the lake and fed the fish. There were so many! That was a really fun day, even with the biting ants.

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