Many Hats

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Church planters wear many hats, and not all of them fit comfortably.

More than a year ago, we were planning our move from language learning in Chiang Mai to our new home in Surin. I wondered what specific hats I would be asked to wear. Which hats would I enjoy wearing, and which wouldn’t fit quite right? Would I be asked to do things I was underqualified for? I knew there were several hats that neither Robbie nor I could easily wear.

Soon after we moved, our team decided to join forces with the AFM Central Thai Project in Khon Kaen. As we talked about all the different talents each team member brought to the group, we realized that all the hats necessary for our new, combined work fit our various team members well. We are thankful for a team with so many gifts and for the chance to work within our strengths. We pray that this will allow the work here to be most efficient for bringing Thai people to a knowledge and love for Christ.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We know that without you, this work could not be completed.


Hi. God is blessing!

By AFM on April 08 2014, 2:01 pm

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