Making Irish Friends for Christ

When I signed up to be an AFM student missionary, I didn‘’t expect I would be spending a year in Ireland. I had never really considered it to be a mission field. I suppose I expected something more tropical and exotic. But I am glad God works outside our expectations!

I have been in Ireland for more than three months now, but it feels more like three days. And every day, God has been teaching me. I have learned that His plan is much bigger than me. He was working here long before I arrived. My job isn’t to start a new work here but rather to see where He is working and offer my life to serve Him in that place.

So far, God has been working through relationships. The Irish people don’t want to be converted, anointed, indoctrinated or evangelized, but they do want a relationship. They are desperate for a connection to something greater, for a hope of something better. So my mission isn’t to preach to them but rather to show them that our God is a personal God. I am here to connect with people and show them that a relationship with our Creator is possible! For so many people here in Ireland, following Jesus has become a religious pursuit and nothing more. My goal is show them that God desires to know each one of us, if only we would desire to know Him.

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