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Diversity, yet commonality. In Guinea-Bissau, there are many cultures and languages. There are more than forty ethnic groups, each with its own culture, language and history. But a common language links all the groups like a bridge — Krioll or criollo. Although criollo is the most frequently spoken language, it is not the official language, Portuguese, which most people do not speak, unfortunately.

Knowing that many people desired to learn Portuguese but had not done so in school, we started a Portuguese language class called “Logos Project.” Because some of our students are Muslim, our idea was to teach Portuguese to young people over the age of 15, incorporating Bible histories and Quranic texts. As for our name, we chose logos, which means word, because Jesus is called “Logos” (the Word) in the Gospel of John.

We started the class in August with eight students. But after being open one week, we had twenty-five students attending, with more than fifteen on a waiting list. This opportunity to share knowledge with students has opened doors for us to make new friends and speak about Christ as He provides the timing. We are blessed to have Glaucia, a Brazilian teacher and missionary, helping us in this project and providing her vast experience. Please pray for her as she continues to instruct the students.

With this enrollment success, our new goal is to rent and equip a larger facility in order to connect with more students. We believe God has been opening doors for this incredible work from the beginning and will continue to do so — because the mission is not ours, but His.

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