Livros at the Market

David and I have been distributing religious livros (books) all over our city. Whenever we interact with someone, we offer them a livro about God. One morning, I went to the vegetable market by myself. This is a large outdoor market where up to a hundred women congregate to sell their farm produce. On this trip, I decided to enter through the back entrance.

I was looking to buy yucca and I found a lady selling what I wanted. After paying her, I asked permission to give her a livro since we had done business together. To my surprise, I found out that she is an SDA member of one of the churches in our city. I gave her one anyway, and as soon as I did, all the other market ladies around her wanted one, too. I emptied my backpack of books to eager hands wanting something to read. Some even followed me to my car in their desire to receive one. I gave all that I had and promised to bring more the next time.

The day after I distributed the livros, I visited a friend at her house. She told me that she had gone to the vegetable market the day before, and that it looked like a missionary had gone there, because so many of the market ladies were reading Adventist books. She had a good laugh when I told her that I was the missionary she was talking about.

My friend was very attentive as I explained how I give them to receptive people everywhere I go. This was a new concept for her. Up until then, the only method of distributing livros she knew about was to do so by organized campaigns that distribute thousands of them on a single day.

God has many methods of reaching the unreached. Ask Him if there is a new method He would like you to try.

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