David & Edie Hicks

Career Missionaries since 2015, serving the Tonga people of Mozambique.

David and Edileuza Hicks are church planting among the unchurched and unreached Tonga people of Mozambique Africa. They live in the city of Inhambane.
From the time he was five-years-old, David has had a developing interest in missions. He served as a student missionary in PNG from 1994 to 1996. He went on to study health and pastoral ministry at Weimar College where he graduated in 1998.

Edileuza (“Edie”) immigrated to the USA from Brazil. As a girl, Edie read a book about Leo and Jessie Halliwell’s mission on the Amazon River. From that time, she dreamed of being a missionary. Later, while a student at Instituto Adventista Paranaense (a Brazilian Academy), she worked three summers as a literature evangelist. Finally, in 2011, while living in Massachusetts, she got her RN license.

After David and Edie heard a presentation from a furloughing AFM missionary in 2012, God worked in their hearts to apply for mission service. They labored among the Ama and May River peoples in Papua New Guinea from 2015 – 2019. They then launched a new project among the Tonga people in March 2019.

The Tonga number about 335,000 people and speak two languages: Gitonga (a tribal language) and Portuguese. The Hickses will be focusing on their local needs, such as women’s literacy, health and youth activities. Through this they hope to build interest in Bible studies, prophecy seminars, Pathfinders, and Adventist Youth (AY).

Frontier Stories

God’s 12 Leadings

When we look back at how God led us miraculously step by step through our final days in PNG, it gives us confidence that He will continue leading us as we start a brand-new project among the Tonga people of Mozambique.

By: David Hicks
April 01 2019, 9:59 am | Comments 0

A Shout Out to the Letter Writers

We appreciate being remembered when we are lonely and going through hard times and stress. You are truly a part of our support team.

By: David Hicks
March 01 2019, 3:24 pm | Comments 0

Going to Church

David had a two-minute lesson about praying for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit. Then we prayed and sang for the showers of blessings to come to each member’s heart, ended vespers early and went home.

By: Edie Hicks
February 01 2019, 4:15 am | Comments 0

Malai’s Axe

Please remember Malai in your prayers. Over the last two years, we have watched him mature, fall in love with Jesus and be baptized. He now dreams of finishing school and becoming a nurse.

By: David Hicks
December 01 2018, 3:15 am | Comments 0

Turned Back from Drupas

The threat was real, and all of us were in mortal danger if we continued downriver. “Lord, help us know what to do,” we prayed.

By: David Hicks
November 01 2018, 11:45 am | Comments 0

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