Life with the Great River People

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My name is Nathan. I’m four years old, and I just learned to ride my bike on my own. I like to ride fast and yell yeehaw! I’m the only redhead around. All the attention makes me feel like hiding sometimes. I’m also the only one around who knows lots of Bible stories. I like to bring my scooter with me to one of the houses we visit and ride around on their pavement. I also play tag with their kids, and we laugh and laugh. I like to do that. It is too much fun! It is so much fun that I want to stay there a long, long, long time.

Sometimes, Daddy calls me over, and I tell a Bible story to the man he is talking to. I have shared about creation, Zacchaeus, and Jesus’ birth. I can’t believe I’m four telling these stories to adults. It’s easy because I know them so well.

I like it here because it is nice and pretty. There are sunsets every day. I like the mango trees whenever they grow mango. I like going out and walking. Sand and mud feel gushy and squishy on my toes. And the crawly ants are bitey. It gets hot here, so we run around in the yard with the sprinklers on. There are always a lot of kids in the yard kicking balls around. I’m understanding more of their language every day.

My favorite food is tofu with rice and crumbled peanuts on top. I don’t like cooked mushy carrots. The food at weddings is seasoned rice porridge. My daddy picks the meat out because I have never eaten meat. I get crowds of people around me. I don’t like that. If you came to visit with us, you would sit on a bamboo bed under a stilted house and probably see cows and chickens. It is itchy getting haircuts. I have to sit on a wooden board to be tall enough. They can cut red hair just fine.

When we have worship, I pray for the Great River People. My family is a team. We work together to tell people about Jesus.

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