Lessons Learned at AFM SM Training #4

“The Stuck Truck: Trust God Anyway.”
This is a lesson from a story one of our student-missionary trainers told. Once when he was a missionary, he was trying to make it to a jungle airport for a flight, and his truck got hopelessly stuck in the mud. He was ready to throw in the towel on missions—just go home and live a life without God. If you’d heard the whole story, you wouldn’t blame him one bit. But he made the decision to trust God anyway, even though God didn’t seem to be listening to his prayers. He prayed again, recommitting himself to following God. The next thing he knew, he and his truck were at the top of the hill. He made it to the airport 5 hours late, sure he’d missed the flight. But the pilot arrived at the same time, and he was able to get where he needed to go. He ended up speaking at a school, sharing the story of the stuck truck and his decision to serve God even though he didn’t know why God allowed that to happen. That story touched the students and started a revival at the school. Group after group of students came to him wanting to commit their lives to Jesus. And he realized, maybe this was the reason God allowed him to go through all those hardships.

No matter what I face, even when I can’t see God working, I want to make the decision to trust Him anyway. I serve Him because He is God.

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