Lessons Learned at AFM SM Training #3

“Salvation looks like relational healing.” / “The life you live is the gospel you preach.”
These are two principles I learned in AFM student missionary training. When we live together, it reveals our relational brokenness. When we experience relational brokenness, it’s an opportunity for us to practice our faith in what God can do. The way we live together is the gospel we preach.

Genesis 3 tells the story of a beautiful relationship between God and His created beings, broken by Adam and Eve’s choice. This broken relationship, one we are all born into, is the reason we need salvation. And this broken relationship causes brokenness in our other relationships. Salvation, and the resulting change Jesus works in our heart and life, is reconciliation in our relationship with God and with our fellow humans. If we preach that Jesus can change lives, but our relationships are just as broken as everyone else’s, our preaching loses credibility. On the other hand, if our relationships show the change Jesus has made in our lives, that is a witness more powerful than preaching. The change Jesus makes is evident already.

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