Launching to Cambodia

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow . . .” we sang as we learned that we had reached our monthly-support goal. It is a little tradition of praise we picked up from the missionaries we sponsor, long-time friends and soon-to-be mission partners Josh and Stephanie Lewis.

The monthly support goal was our last major hurdle before launching, and now we can book our flights and begin the countdown to launch day. It was a moment worthy of joyful praise and gratitude. We have spent more than half of our married life fundraising to be missionaries. Through the challenges and adventures of fundraising, we have grown together, and we have seen God validating and strengthening our call to missions through a growing family of supporters and prayer warriors like you.

By the time you read this, we will have arrived in Cambodia and fully immersed ourselves in a new language and culture and a radically different way of life. Please keep us in your prayers as we become like little children once again. We need to relearn how to talk, shop, travel, do errands and integrate our life and faith with a new worldview and culture.

If it is your desire to partner with us, you may contribute to our housing fund, which will cover:

1. Cost of materials and labor to build a long-term home in Cambodia.

2. Half the cost of a 10-acre plot that we will share with the Lewises. (For more information, read the article “God Provides” on page 10 of the October, 2018 AF magazine, also available online).

3. Funding to restore an existing building on the property with the potential to serve as a place for worship, community events, clinic work and housing for student missionaries.

Thank you for being a coworker with God and with us to reach the unreached.

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