This was it—we were leaving. I looked back and waved one last time as we joined the line for security at the airport. My dear parents waved and wiped tears from their eyes. I had dreamed of this since high school. Before Eric and I got married, we talked about moving to Cambodia. Now we had to keep telling ourselves that it was actually happening for real! The flights went well, and we made it to Cambodia tired but happy. Miraculously, all our luggage survived intact—mostly. Nearly every bin was cracked, and one had a blown-out corner revealing the contents. But not one item was lost. Praise God.

As we exited the airport, the Cambodian heat and humidity hit us full-force. We were welcomed by our partners, the Hutchisons and Lewises, our field directors, the Haywards, and my Cambodian uncle with whom we are staying while we do language learning in Phnom Penh. We were handed cold coconut water to refresh us, and we shared hugs with everyone. The whole time, I kept reminding myself, We’re actually here for real!

What does it feel like to move your whole life overseas long-term? I’m not sure yet. It’s still surreal. But I’m so excited by how God has led us this far, and I can’t wait to see how He will use us. Our daily prayer is that He will fill us with His Holy Spirit, break down any barriers in us that would hinder His work, and use us as His vessels. We absolutely cannot do it through our own power.

That night of our arrival, we collapsed in bed after 45 waking hours, very thankful. Thankful for all of you who support us and pray for us, and thankful for our families who sacrificially allow us to be so far away. Thankful for what God has done to get us to Cambodia, and thankful for what He will continue to do.

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