Jute Reaches Out

Eight years ago, I wrote an article about my house helper, Jute. At the time, she was about 16 years old. She worked for me for one year before quitting because she was pregnant and getting married. The years have gone by, and I have seen her from time to time. She came to church on and off for a few months several years ago but has struggled with alcoholism. She lives next-door to one of our church members, Srey Neung.
Two weeks ago, as I was walking with Srey Neung past Jute’s house, I asked her how Jute was doing. She told me Jute was drinking even more heavily than before. This news made me sad. Jute has two young children now, and I wondered what their lives were like.
Last week at church, Srey Neung told me that she had gone to visit Jute and had told her that I had asked about her. This made Jute very happy. She told Srey Neung that she wished she had never stopped working for me, but her husband had made her quit. Now Jute’s husband would like her to stop drinking and is open to her working again. Jute asked Srey Neung if she thought there was a possibility that she could work at the school. Srey Neung told her that she could not work if she was drinking. Jute told her she thought she could quit if she had a job. Srey Neung asked me if Jute could possibly work at the school for a few days on a trial basis. I told her that I would mention it to Jonathan Nicholaides, the principal. Srey Neung also said that Jute wanted to come to church but was too shy because of her drinking habits.
I praise God that when we plant seeds, He continues to water and nurture them. Someday, they may grow and make all the many years of toil worth it. Please pray for Jute that she will be able to stop drinking and will begin to come to church again.

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