Joining the Great River Project

We sat on the wooden slat floor with our feet tucked under us, eating boiled corn generously offered to us and talking with a family of the Great River People. Neighbors slowly trickled in, bringing their medical questions and concerns to Boaz Church. He patiently listened to their symptoms and offered his best lifestyle and medical advice. I practiced my Khmer language skills, and Boaz translated the rest. It was such a rich experience.

We were blessed to have the opportunity to go to Cambodia for two weeks in November to attend the dedication of the school at the Pnong Project. We also spent some time at the Great River Project, and we fell in love with the work there as well. The whole trip was providential from start to finish. We enjoyed meeting all of our future teammates and witnessing the baptisms at the Pnong Project. We wished we were there to stay!

God has opened up an opportunity for us to join the Great River Project, partnering with the Church and Roberts families. We are very excited to fulfill this need, as we and our leaders feel our skillset and talents fit well with the medical focus of the project. We do not question that this is where God is leading us. He has put medical mission work on my heart, and I know He is guiding us where we belong.

Thank you for continuing to support us through this transition as we endeavor to reach the people of Cambodia. We are anxious to launch as soon as possible so we can join in the amazing work our teammates are already doing for Christ.

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