It’s the Little Things

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Trust and obey, for there’s no other way

To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

Do you ever look at those who have done great things, such as writing a famous hymn or translating the Bible into a foreign language, and longingly wonder if you could ever be such a blessing to others? It seems that it would be so much easier to serve God if we were Queen Esthers or William Careys, so much easier to “trust and obey” if we knew what God wanted us to do or if we had something special to bring to His work.

Too often, we fall under the mistaken idea that it takes an incredible person with a special calling to be an immense blessing. To do something amazing or even noteworthy seems out of our grasp as ordinary people. It is true that many talented people have done great things for God. But a perceived lack of ability does not mean God cannot use us for great things.

Take the story of the hymn at the beginning of this article, “Trust and Obey” (SDAH #590). Its verses have been a blessing to thousands over the many decades since it was written. But its creation was not the work of one talented individual.

The text for “Trust and Obey” was inspired by a young man sharing his story at a Dwight L. Moody evangelistic meeting. During his testimony, the young man happened to include the phrase: “I will trust! I will obey!”

That was all it took—one young man simply telling what the Lord had done in his life. It is doubtful that he ever meant to write a hymn or thought that his testimony would have ramifications beyond that meeting. But that one phrase in his story so inspired the soloist at the meeting that he wrote about it to a man named John Sammis. Inspired by the letter, John crafted the words into a set of verses. He then sent it to another man, Daniel Towner, who put it to music. Four people. Four small acts of service using what God had given. But together, those small acts have served to bless unnumbered individuals over the years, including myself.

As a follower of Christ, you may feel that you have nothing to bring—no special talents, great ideas or stunning abilities to contribute to the work. But this need not stop you, for there is good news to share! As we step forward into the work of sharing God’s incredible gift of love, He will bless our feeble attempts more than we could ever imagine.

Praise God that He does not require His workers to bring anything but a willingness to share His love with others. We may bring our blessings, whether small or great, and trust that He will provide the increase.

Will you trust God and obey His call today?

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