In His Honor

Srey Neang is grieving. Her whole world came crashing down at the death of her 10-year-old son, Manan, from leukemia. I have never personally witnessed a mother display such dedication and selflessness while going through as much hardship as she did on this journey with her son, and part of her heart will forever be buried with him in his hand-dug grave out in a field. Her devotion to Manan continues as she works to fulfill his dreams in his honor.

Manan had such a pure heart. He never got to attend school, but he saved his money so that “when he got better,” he could pay for school materials on his own and wouldn’t have to use his mom’s money. His favorite pastime was listening to Bible stories, and he dreamed of being a teacher someday and telling all the neighborhood kids about Jesus.

Srey Neang’s passion has always been children. Her favorite job was watching a handful of toddlers all day. While she makes it sound like it was pure fun for her, I have two toddlers, and I know that’s a lot.

Last Friday night, Eric video-called Srey Neang and Soty to read the Bible with them and model how they could lead their own Bible study group in their homes a few hours away from us. Srey Neang was thrilled. We see a disciple of Jesus in her and envision her discipling children in a Sabbath School someday.

We are not rushing Srey Neang, but we cannot help but see her talents and love for Jesus and dream of her leading others to Christ. We will see Manan again, with a new body, uninhibited by disease. We also hope to see multitudes of other children and families who learned of the Jesus whom Manan loved so much.

Please lift Srey Neang and her husband, Vanna, in your prayers. Pray that God will hold them in His comforting arms and bring good out of this tragedy. Pray for us as we cast new nets into our community, looking for those who, like Srey Neang, are thirsting for the water of life, our friend Jesus.

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