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Have you ever faced the impossible?

Noah knew it was impossible through human means to accomplish the task God had assigned to him. He had worked on his latest project for over 100 years, and he understood that the passengers on the ark should include many birds and animals, not just his close family members. He had no idea how to accomplish this on his own. Yet he carried on with his work of building the boat and believing that God would show the way at the proper time. On the day designated by God, the birds and animals, guided by angels, flocked into the ship that he had been tasked to prepare for the upcoming storm. God preserved both animals and humanity through impossible conditions.

In what seemed certain to be a futile effort, Gideon prepared to lead a 300-man army against an army as numerous as the sand on the seashore. The tiny group of men was armed with trumpets, pitchers, and torches; they were more prepared for a night-time water music concert than a violent fight against an innumerable enemy. But with the crack of the pitchers, the blast of the trumpets, and the sound of their voices, the larger army panicked, was thrown into disarray and defeated. Israel was saved in a single battle. God had conquered the foe using an impossibly small army.

The disciples stood agape, looking at the vast throng before them. How could the former fishermen feed such a multitude? It would take over two hundred days’ wages to feed them — and those funds would only cover a small snack for each person! Yet Jesus had them sit the people down anyway. The disciples obeyed, then began to distribute five loaves of bread and two fish to the huge crowd. They kept going. And going. And going. Before they could think about where all the food had come from, they were collecting the leftovers. The disciples ended with more than they began with — twelve baskets full of fragments — and the people were satisfied. God had overcome the impossible predicament.

Jesus was leaving again, this time for more than three days. His disciples thought He had perished and was gone forever, but here He was before them — alive! They looked at Him in awe, grateful that they could hear their Master speak and teach once again. Into their ears went a most peculiar command: cover the earth with disciples who will follow Jesus and lead others to know Him better. The whole earth? Every nation, tongue, and people group? Then they remembered the way their God had led them throughout their history and began the work in earnest. Within one generation, there were disciples across the greatest empire of the earth, and beyond, despite growing conflict and persecution. God, through His church, succeeded in what sounded like an impossible mission.

This movement that started nearly 2,000 years ago is still ongoing. Over 40% of the world is still unreached and needs to hear about the salvation offered through Christ. Through human eyes, the remaining task is impossible and insurmountable. But the stories in the Bible demonstrate that what is impossible with man is possible with God. Throughout history, God has used humanity to help accomplish His purposes. There is no reason to believe the work cannot be accomplished. However, more men and women are still needed to take the gospel to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people group who are still waiting to hear the good news and see the gospel lived out in their own culture. Approximately 7,400 people groups1 are waiting. Will you go? What seems impossible now may yet be accomplished in our lifetimes.

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