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“Brother Christopher, I am organizing our first National SDA Youth Camp since the pandemic, and I would like you and Peace Music Academy to lead and play the music for all the main song services,” said Pastor Apisit, our former Khon Kaen SDA Church pastor and now the Thailand SDA Mission (TAM) youth director. “It will be a big event, with over 1,000 SDA youth present, and I want the song services to be well planned. Will you do it?”

“Yes!” I said as I gladly accepted the invitation. Soon, a committee chaired by his son Andru Poorinantawong compiled a songbook of about 45 songs to sing throughout the camp. It was fun helping them prepare, but wow — it was a lot of work!

The theme of the camp was “I Will Go,” the same title as the AY theme song composed by Kedron and Rae Vae Isaac.

On Wednesday, April 5, students from Peace Music Academy (PMA) and members of the Khon Kaen SDA Church drove to Chiangmai Adventist Academy to attend the youth camp and lead the song services. There were 26 of us in all.

We practiced the songs before each service since we sang with different song leaders from all over Thailand. Before each message, we sang the “I Will Go” theme song in English.

We arose before 5:00 a.m. each morning since the first song service started at 5:55 a.m. On Sabbath, we led six song services. But, by God’s grace, we survived our grueling schedule!

We were blessed by messages from many good speakers, enjoyed meeting and befriending other SDA youth and adults from all over Thailand, and witnessed several young people get baptized. I hope TAM plans another camp like this in the near future. If they invite us to lead song services, we will gladly accept . . . half of the songs and services, anyway!

As always, thank you, our friends and mission partners who have faithfully helped make it possible for us to say again and again, “I Will Go!”

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