“Mommy! I need you! Mommy-y-y, I’m scared,” River called out from the room where I had just put him to bed; a new room, a new bed, and lots of big emotions.

We have been migrating from house to house while on furlough, visiting with family, friends and our ministry partners. Our children have learned to adapt to constant change, endless new faces and lots of traveling. They have been so flexible and cooperative, considering. But when the lights go out, sometimes the feelings accumulate.

I returned to the boys’ room. Osiah was already sleeping when I picked River up and sat in a nearby rocking chair. “Can you put a little blanket on me so I can sleep on you all cozy-up?” My heart melted. River doesn’t usually fall asleep in my arms, but I couldn’t resist his sweet request. I rocked him quietly until his breaths grew deep and slow. And then I rocked him a little more while I soaked up the snuggles. We have called a dozen places “home base” recently, and River now refers to our home in Cambodia as “home-home” to distinguish it from the other places. No one place holds our whole hearts on this earth. It’s a constant reminder of our “just a passin’ through” status as disciples of Jesus.

Oh, how I look forward to when I can relax in the embrace of my Heavenly Father, “all cozy-up,” and finally be truly “home-home.”

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