Holy Boldness

Recently it occurred to me once again how overwhelming our task really is, here and around the world. Walking through the grocery store, driving down the road, swimming at the pool, I see so many people, and I think, Most, if not all, of these people have never even heard the story of Jesus!

What a privilege I have had to grow up in an Adventist Christian home, learning the truth about Jesus since I was a baby. What a responsibility and sacred trust I have been given to share this story and this truth with those around me!

I want to share with my neighbors and the people I meet around town. I want to ask them if they would like to learn about Jesus. I know they need Him! I know He wants to be introduced to them.

My desire is to be more fully used by God to reach those whom He is calling here in Surin. I crave holy boldness in proclaiming the love and power of Jesus to those who are lost and hopeless.

Please pray that we will be watchful for opportunities to be witnesses for Jesus here in Surin. Thank you so much!

—Kelli Doss

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