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We are back in Cambodia! I can’t describe how great it feels to say that. We landed here at the end of September, and we were released from quarantine in early October! Thankfully, our meticulous preparation paid off, and our reentry into Cambodia was smooth and uneventful, even with a six-month-old baby in tow. He was the most relaxed of all of us! Since we arrived, we have been too busy even to write articles. We truly hit the ground running.

Patients have been knocking at our door every day wanting help with diabetes management, reading glasses, medicines, and a hundred other things. I helped one woman start an effective regimen of diabetes medications, and today two more women showed up. I was the first to diagnose them with diabetes, and I shared with them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I will continue to check their sugars and modify their meds until they stabilize.

We recently put on a community education event about scabies, a contagious parasitic skin mite that is a huge problem in our area. Many people came and learned about how to recognize, prevent and treat scabies. This is the first event of its kind that we have conducted, and we plan to do many more on various topics. More on that next time.

The other day we brought our neighbor to the hospital to deliver her baby, saving her a long and painful motorbike trip on a bumpy dirt road. We are overseeing the construction of our friend Theary’s house. Thanks to some kind-hearted donors, she and her daughters will finally have a place to live.

We have enjoyed visiting with people who have expressed interest in Bible studies, and our team just mapped out a weekly schedule for studying with each of these people individually. This is so exciting!

Thanks to the diligent work of the Lewises while we were gone, and to God’s continual blessings, we are seeing the momentum of our project pick up, and we are excited to be back on the front lines.

Please pray with us that the devil’s efforts to stamp out the small flames of faith in our friends’ hearts will be thwarted. Last Sabbath we discussed with our church group what to do when facing persecution from nonbelievers. Several people shared how they have been mocked or shamed for having faith in Jesus rather than their family gods. Please pray for strength and courage for these new believers.

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