Have It All

When you were little, what did you want to be? A police officer, perhaps, a ballerina, or maybe an astronaut? Many children have such lofty career aspirations. I wanted to be a circus performer when I was young, soaring and tumbling through the air on a swinging trapeze. Some of you, I am sure, dreamt of being a missionary someday.

As adults, however, most of us are pursuing careers quite different from what we had initially envisioned. What happened to these desires?

Sometimes we discover that our dream aspirations simply are not practical. As someone who generally avoids heights of all kinds, a possible career as a trapeze artist did not hold my attention for long. We may discover we do not have the talent to pursue music or are not tall enough to become an airline flight attendant. We leave our dreams behind for vocations that fit better with our individual gifts.

At other times our passions simply change as we grow. Things we used to find interesting as children no longer hold our attention, and what we thought would be the ultimate snoozefest suddenly seems like a wonderful way to spend several hours every day. We even discover new areas of interest as our world expands.

Regrettably, many of us learn to sacrifice our passions for utility—opting for more routine but stable jobs that pay the bills rather than the more exciting but ultimately less secure career paths. Being a jungle explorer might be tempting, but you are more likely to find an opening for a biology teacher or an office worker. Many of us hold onto our interests but indulge them as hobbies rather than relying on them as careers.

But what if you could have it all? What would you do if you knew you could spend every day on an amazing journey with God—using the gifts and talents He has given you to bring light and hope to people who would otherwise live in total darkness?

A life of missions fits all kinds of talents, gifts and abilities. Engage your passion and love of Christ for the salvation of lost souls, and rest assured the bills will be paid (Isaiah 33:15-16). Missions do not have to be a side hobby—something we do on weekends or for a few days while on vacation. You can have it all.

Your desire to serve does not have to end with that one year you spent overseas in college. It does not have to remain that dream job you wanted when you were six. You can travel across the world and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people, seeing the love of God transform their lives for the better. Want to know how you can have it all?

For more information on missions as a career path, contact service@afmonline.org today!

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