Growing in Jesus and Serving the Unreached

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AFM just trained nine student and short-term missionaries who are dedicating a year of service to Cambodia, Central Africa, the Philippines and Thailand. These aspiring computer scientists, physical therapists, nurses, musicians, and copy editors will use their skills in nursing, teaching, computer programming and videography, all the while sharing Jesus with the unreached people who otherwise would have little chance of hearing about our wonderful Savior. They love Jesus that much.
We asked them, “What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming year?”

Tyler Braithwaite (Cambodia) – to grow into the calling God has for me and to be a force for change in the lives of others.
Carolina Brooks (Philippines) – to make new friends, learn a new language and culture and have new experiences with Jesus so I can better share Him with others.
Celeste Diaz-Vazquez (Philippines) – to meet new friends and find ways to be helpful.
Ella Foster (Philippines) – to grow my relationship with Jesus and share His love with all the people I meet.
Eliza Moffat* (Central Africa) – to finally have the opportunity to serve God where His name is not known.
Gabriel Pontes (Philippines) – to show Jesus’s love through my acts of service and to make disciples as I learn to be one myself.
Kari Remmers (Philippines) – to grow in my relationship with Jesus as I connect with others in a new place.
Yonathan Suarez (Cambodia) – to meet people, introduce them to Jesus, and help them grow in Him so they can do the same thing for many others.
Kaitlyn Wright (Thailand) – to meet the people, experience the new culture, and help make disciples for Christ.

In addition, we are delighted that several of last year’s student missionaries have decided to stay in the field for a second or third term, more than any other year in AFM’s history. These consecrated young people include, for a third year, Jared Ratcliff (Cambodia); and for a second year, Véronique Charbonneau (Benin); Ashley Holloway (Cambodia); Wesley Judson* (Tai-Kadai); Sinegugu Katenga (Thailand); Heather Mariano (Thailand); Sarah Newman* (Tai-Kadai); Mallory Noble* (Tai-Kadai); Amy Reyes (Cambodia). Lastly, Bjeate Catalon (Philippines) has completed training through the Brazil office and plans to serve her first year. We truly praise God for these young people and their dedication to sharing the everlasting gospel among the unreached.

God will do incredible things through these young people because of your prayers and their efforts this coming year.

*Pen name

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