Green Shoots

Peanuts are a fairly easy cash crop to grow in our area. With access to irrigation, three crops can be grown each year. This is one of the crops we are planting in the agriculture program for the school. Today we finalized a land purchase that gives the school about 50 additional acres. We will plant a portion of this with peanuts.

We have already planted peanuts on the land behind our school. Some of you supported us with funds to buy raw peanuts for seed. With the help of many hands, the field was planted in one morning. The shoots are now poking up through the ground. On a smaller area of ground we have also planted corn, pumpkin, eggplant, long beans, winter melon, tomatoes and carrots. On the border of the field we planted papaya trees. After supplying our school cafeteria, whatever remains we plan to sell in the market.

It is exciting to see God bless as we work to make the school self-supporting.

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