God’s Spirit in our Youth

“Why do you read your Bible every day?” Fix’s mother asked him. Fix is a local high school senior who is a friend of our pastor’s son Andru. Ever since Andru and his family moved to Khon Kaen more than three years ago, he has faithfully been inviting his friends from school to our music school and church activities. One of his friends, Soi Muk, was baptized last November, and another friend, Nott, recently expressed interest in preparing for baptism. And now Fix is in the mix as well.

Earlier this summer, the publishing director from the Thailand Adventist Mission came to Khon Kaen to run a youth colporteur program for a week during a school break. At the invitation of Andru, Fix joined the team and went out selling books with his friends in the city. Although he was not a Christian, he was so impacted by that experience that he told Andru that he wanted to go to college to become a pastor! As Fix’s mother began to notice his earnest interest in his newfound faith, she was naturally curious to know why he would spend time each day reading from the Scriptures.

“I read the Bible every day because when I do, I no longer want to hurt my father,” Fix told his mother. Recently, Fix’s father abandoned the family for another relationship which left Fix feeling understandably angry and vengeful.

Impressed by her son’s testimony, Fix’s mother decided to accompany a group of church youth, along with the families of our Thai pastor and music school director, on a camping trip to a local state park. She was impressed by what she experienced and shortly thereafter visited our church for the first time.
Fix and several other youth are now taking weekly Bible studies with our pastor and are also studying English through Bible stories with me. We rejoice at what God is doing in the lives of our young people and how He is using them to reach their friends and families. Please pray that they will continue to respond to God’s Spirit and give their lives fully to Him and to His service.

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