God’s Guiding

In 1995 when we were preparing to work with the Mien in Northern Thailand, we prayed that God would lead us to the house where He wanted us to live. An experienced pastor from the Thailand Mission drove us from village to village as we looked for a place to stay among the Mien. After several villages, we arrived in Nam Khong and were shown a small, dirty one-bedroom house in the middle of the village that had been used as a silversmith’s shop. When we walked into the house, Duang heard an audible voice say, “This is the house,” but she played it cool and didn’t say anything. It seemed to her that there were too many reasons not to live there.

The Thai pastor took us into the nearest city where we drove up and down looking for places to rent. Every few hundred yards we would stop and ask the locals for help. Nothing. After dark we got a cheap hotel and settled in for the night. Early the next morning, Duang woke me up saying that we needed to go back to Nam Khong and rent the little house in the middle of the village. Curiously, the next time we came into the city we noticed for-rent signs on nearly every street!

Later, as we were living in Nam Khong, Att came running up to Duang saying, “You’re the person in my dreams!” Att gave her heart to Jesus and 25 years later is still a Christian.

Please pray that God will guide us to the house He wants us to live in and that He will prepare the hearts of the people to hear the gospel.

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