God Speaks

One question we often hear at the office of Adventist Frontier Missions is, “How can I know that mission service is God’s will for my life?”

How did Abraham know God’s will for his life? How did Moses? How did Daniel, Nehemiah, Esther, John the Baptist or the Pharisees know? Of course, our omnipotent God knows how to reveal His will.

God spoke directly to Abraham as he searched the night sky, and through a burning bush to Moses while he was preoccupied with life. Sometimes God speaks through dreams as He spoke to Daniel. More often, God speaks through circumstances that reveal a clear need, as He did to Nehemiah. Many times God speaks through godly parents, like Zechariah and Elizabeth, who had been following His will since before John was born. And always, God speaks through His written Word, as Stephen declared when proclaiming the risen Messiah.

God is certainly able to reveal His will. Perhaps the real question is: do we truly want to know His will, and are we willing to do it?

Do you want to know if God is calling you to leave your family and homeland to go to a place He will show you? Would you go and speak for God to those held in blind captivity to superstitions and lies? Would you be willing to ask for support so you can go and establish the kingdom of God in another country? Do you want to know that what your parents have been telling you all along is true, and that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Would you be willing to share the truth about Jesus even if you knew it might cost your life (or at least 8-10 years of it)?

If you want to know whether or not mission service is something to which God is calling you, just ask Him. He speaks. Are you ready to hear and obey?

To learn about AFM’s many options for mission service, email recruit@afmonline.org.

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