God is At Work

Often I find myself distracted by wanting to do something great, dreaming of what will be rather than what is. This is especially the case when it comes to working for God! Sometimes this can lead to discouragement when reality seems so far from the dream. I believe that God can do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Eph. 3:20), yet at the same time I struggle in my humanity to see how.

One thing I am constantly reminded of, especially here in Thailand, is that it is not my job to ask how. I simply need to trust and be faithful with what God has given me to do today while He takes care of moving His mission forward in ways that I could never imagine.

Here in Thailand, this means faithfully planting seeds and not doubting that God will water them in His time. As I teach English lessons, I’m thankful for the small glimpses God gives me of where He is working.

One day, Rose and I ended our lesson by reading some of the creation story. “Is that the end of the story?” she asked.
“No, there’s a lot more to it, and other stories as well,” I said.

Rose was intrigued. “May I have a copy of what we read and what comes next?” she asked.

Another day, I met a new student, Tammy, who had been invited to class by a friend. As we finished our lesson with a Bible story, she seemed very focused and earnest. When it was time to pray, her face lit up as she bowed her head. God is clearly working in her heart. May He continue to draw her closer to Him!

With my limited sight, I’m very thankful for these assurances God gives me that He is working through my efforts. Although we haven’t yet seen thousands baptized in a day here in Thailand, He is faithful and working mighty miracles with the tiny seeds we plant. God is watering these seeds, and I believe they will bloom in His time. We must simply continue to be faithful co-workers with Him in His harvest field. I look forward to seeing the miracle of conversion in my students’ lives, and I hope that you will pray with me for this.

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