Gifts of Love

Phii Nut is a former Buddhist who has been an Adventist for about a year. She and her daughter Fia live in Surin. She came to believe in God through the influence of a sister living in another province who told her about God and the Sabbath. At the time, Phii Nut wanted physical healing for Fia who had a tumor-like growth under her tongue. She said, “Well, let’s try believing in God and see if this growth disappears.” She prayed to God for Fia, and the tumor went away in a very short time.

Later, Phii Nut was admitted into the hospital with breathing problems, which she feared might take her life. But God has once again come through and given her renewed health as well as victory over smoking and a hot temper. In return, Phii Nut is giving her time and service to God, worshiping regularly with us and volunteering for the church by making food for our radio training seminars and decorating for special events like Pastor Timothy’s recent wedding. She refuses pay for these services saying they are her gifts of love to God who has given her and her daughter new life and hope.

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