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“You’re not Albanian? How do you know the language?”  Alba, the community nurse who tested Sean for COVID-19, was surprised to learn that an American had lived here for so long. “What are you doing here?” she quizzed.

Sean explained that we have started a foundation and will soon be opening a community center with seminars, courses, clubs, and activities for local families. He told her that they would focus on cultivating physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual wellbeing for families and the community. He also mentioned that we want to develop opportunities for people, particularly young adults, to learn skills in starting and running their own small businesses. Alba asked many questions to get more details. “This is wonderful!” she exclaimed. “It gives me so much hope. I want to know when this will begin. I want to be a part of this!”

Last year challenged the global population to become more patient and flexible. For years, our little group of believers here in Albania prayed for and worked to open a center of blessing in the community.

The center has been a labor of love and a cultivator of persistence for the new Adventist believers in Albania. Many have devoted much of their time, skill and hard work to make the center of influence attractive and welcoming for future visitors. Unfortunately, there have been several disappointing delays, and just when we were anticipating the end of the preparation, the pandemic hit. Regulations, too, have further delayed the opening.

We have started organizing our community service club program to support the hardest hit in our neighborhoods. So many families are struggling to have enough food.

Our greatest need before opening the center of influence is acquiring furniture. Although many items are very affordable in Albania, furniture is costly. Each time Sean found another supplier for furnishings, he became disheartened by the steep prices. Thankfully, though, we just learned of a furniture builder in a small mountain village. Unfortunately, their business has also suffered through the pandemic, and they are looking forward to finding more work. An added blessing is that, while their prices are more reasonable, their quality is better than others we have seen.

Our project funds need replenishment to meet food and supply costs to support our community service club projects and to purchase furnishings for the center. Will you prayerfully consider joining our team through monthly gifts or occasional giving? Thank you so much for your faithful support and your prayers! We could not do it without you.

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