Furlough Recharge

I praise God for our furlough time in the States. It has been a busy time with many challenges, but I have found spiritual blessing in it. In missionary life we are constantly giving—giving time, giving resources, giving spiritual counsel, giving training. When COVID-19 shut down many things in Cambodia, including churches, our family found it quite refreshing to spend Sabbaths out in nature together. I realized then that my spiritual cup was not filled to where it should be. Usually, Sabbaths are a busy day for us. After attending the church service in the village in the morning, we go to another village to have another church service where we often lead out in various capacities. Usually we return home after sundown. After a while, this becomes tiring. It is a welcome change from our regular work week, but it is not a restful Sabbath. We are helping to fill the spiritual needs of others, but our own needs are rarely met. Though we spend time with God each day, I was beginning to feel depleted of spiritual food and energy.

On furlough, we have been able to listen to sermons in English regularly, attend evangelistic meetings, watch 3ABN and other Adventist programing, and rejuvenate the feeling of urgency that the Three Angels’ Messages impart. Daniel and I both believe Jesus is coming very soon, and we have been able to reflect more on what it means to be ready. I praise God for the time we have had to spend in activities like these. It has rejuvenated my spirit and inspired me to share with others. I feel more prepared to return to Cambodia continue the work God has for us there.

Take a few moments to reflect on your own life. Are you filled with the desire to share Jesus with others? If not, it may be because you are spiritually depleted like I was. Set aside time to spend with Jesus. He is ready to refill your spiritual cup so that it can overflow to others.

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