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We are very excited about the group of student and short-term missionaries God has assembled from across the world to take the Gospel to unreached peoples around the globe. Here is an introduction to our army of youth. Please intercede for them over the coming year.

Meet the 2014-2015 Africa short-term and student missionaries! When I got Etienne and Carolyn Guenin’s application, I was excited. French speakers to help the Badés in Benin! This French and British husband-and-wife team are helping out with the computer center and English classes at the Dendi Project. Uli Baur-Kouato, our German “short-termer” of many years, remains faithfully at her post another year with the Otammari project in Benin, led by Jason Harral. Laurie Smit, our first missionary from AFM-SAT in South Africa, serves in Guinea as an English teacher for the French School there under the leadership of the Cokers.

In Asia, the Georges welcomed a medical doctor from Mexico to the Palawano Project. Dr. Elias Luis works in the clinic in Kemantian with several registered nurses: Rachel Wilson, Amy Nagasawa, and Carrie who is staying on for a third year. Brenden Teal taught English in Southeast Asia last year and is serving in Palawan this year as a nurse’s aide/health educator. Meeting medical needs in an outlying village is nurse Manny Romero, former SM to Benin. Yesenia Gonzalez adds a third year to her high school science teaching, and Noelani Blackwood joins the team as a home school teacher/girls’ dean. In Cambodia, we welcome another AFM-SAT missionary, Maryke Reynhardt, who is helping the Greenfields as they launch their school for Pnong children. Next door in Thailand, Brianna Hoffecker home-schools the Palacios boys, and Breanna Thornton teaches violin in the music school at the Central Thai Project. In another part of Southeast Asia, four individuals will serve as English teachers along with five others who have chosen to stay another year. Their pen names are Alice Nobel, Leanne Cornell, Audrey Grace, Samantha Rozema, and Adara Hadriel (the old-timers) who are joined by Angeline Nguyen and Michelle Lee. Youland welcomes Daisy Wallace who is assisting the career missionary families with home schooling.

Six missionaries to Ireland make up the Europe team. Eva McGuire is working in a new AFM center of influence with the Dyserts. Elizabeth Ferguson (in her second year with the Freemans) is joined by three more lifestyle coaches: Thelma Woodworth, Wilma Ledbetter, and Allen Miller.

Coming from the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Mexico, South Africa and the United States, these 29 SM/STMs exemplify AFMs purpose to send missionaries from all the world to all the world. Won’t you consider being part of the AFM movement next year?

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