Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Recently, Dehaw, an influential Muslim neighbor, invited me to a soccer game between a local team and another team. I’m not much into sports, so I set up a table and sold fresh squeezed orange juice to spend time with the locals. Doing so gave me a much-needed sense of equality with the other vendors and game-goers.

Feeling different is a huge struggle for my white Christian family in a brown Muslim world. Thankfully, my redheaded boy Nathan was too busy filling cups with ice to notice that he drew a small crowd that seemed more interested in him than the game.

At first, the vendor beside me was reluctant to let me plug my juicer into her power strip. But I gave her a free cup of juice at some point, and we became like old friends. She raised her awning higher and pulled my table closer so we could be in the shade. I gave her a little donation towards any power I had used, but she insisted on giving it back.

Please pray that I will find an opportunity to share Jesus with Dehaw and others. They are wonderful people.

Oh, and in the soccer game, our local team won by two goals. I didn’t really notice, though. I was too busy juicing oranges and making friends.

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