Following God’s Calling (even if it means eating Sac Sac)

Following God’s calling isn’t alway easy sometime it means that we will be pushed farther than we are comfortable. These last few weeks have been both challenging and rewarding. God has been working on all of the my fellow student missionary’s hearts as we get ready of the field. We eat together, study together, and work together all of which have prepared us so much for the coming mission field. We have all been very busy with training and it has pushed us into areas we might not have otherwise wanted to go. There have been many challenging things that we have had to face such as the crucible, a 4 day survival / teamwork building excursion. The crucible made me realize how easy I have life when things are going well. For instance, I was hungry during most of the trip, I smelled like garbage, all I wanted was to rest yet we had to press on to make it to the finish. I have learned is that it is easy to follow God when life is easy but when life gets tough we are less inclined to do what He asks.

Many times during the crucible I questioned why in the world was God asking me to go through this yet, He had a plan for me. Monday morning we all had to work as a team to accomplish overcoming an obstacle which would determine whether or not we would be rewarded with breakfast. To my dismay breakfast was sac sac, a water based slime made from corn starch and water, aka it doesn’t taste good. It is commonly eaten by people from Papa New Guinea who have little else to eat. Well I’ll put it one way, I couldn’t finish the sac sac because I thought it was so bad. I think it was the lowest of my lows knowing that all the breakfast I was going to have was something I couldn’t even finish. Looking back now that I am sitting in an air conditioned room with all of the luxuries of life I realize that God was asking me to eat the sac sac so I could understand how many of His Children suffer every day. We forget all too easily by the many distractions of this materialistic society, yet God has called his followers to help those in need. I don’t think I will forget the sac sac lesson God taught me that day, I think it can apply to everyone as well. There will be plenty of times that we don’t want to follow God’s calling yet if we adhere our hearts to Him He will provide and bless more than we could ever imagine.


My brother in Christ, I am blessed by your thought structure. You have made a decision to serve the Creator of this Universe. He has a track record where He has never let any of His servants down. Amidst all those strange happenings, wisdom is waiting. Grab hold of it and grow more in Christ. Email me on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). com. I would love to stay connected with you.

By TED on January 23 2018, 2:35 am

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