Eerie Lights

“There’s a problem at the property?” I asked. “They saw a strange light floating around in the field last night?”

Jon had just called to tell me that some field workers had seen a mysterious light floating over in the field the previous night. Apparently, the couple who had previously worked there had seen it as well.

Anticipating the possibility of a spiritual battle, I paused to pray before going out to the field. As I prepared myself, God brought a couple of verses to my mind, and I jotted them down. I don’t read Khmer, but I brought a Khmer Bible anyway.

When I got to the house, the first thing out of their mouths after the greetings was about the light the previous night. Then they asked me for some solar lights to put up around the place. I assured them that we would purchase and install some as soon as we could. I told them that God is our protector, and they didn’t need to be afraid. I was pleased when they told me that Jon had given them similar encouragement. I shared the Bible verses with them. The husband knew how to read Khmer, and we were able to find the verses in the Bible I had brought. They were polite and listened to what I had to say. I’m confident that the Holy Spirit will work on their hearts.

It has been a week since the light sighting, and they haven’t seen anything like it again. I would love for them not to be afraid of the apparition and instead come to love and trust the true Light, Jesus Christ. Would you please join me in praying for this couple that they won’t be afraid anymore?

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