Editorial: January 2019

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Welcome to 2019, a year in which you will almost certainly come under satanic attack!
How’s that for a shocking sentiment? Satanic attacks are something I would not wish on anyone, but let’s be realistic. If your ministry in 2019 is effective and does real damage to his strongholds, you can expect an angry response. Attack Satan in his own back yard, and he will fight back. Plan on it.

At AFM, our mission can be summed up as a full-frontal assault on the gates of Satan’s ancient strongholds among the world’s unreached, so our staff and missionaries are constantly in his crosshairs, and so are you if you support our missionaries with your prayers or funds. Though Satan’s arrows are painful, they often elicit a wry smile of satisfaction. When health challenges suddenly multiply as a new outreach begins; when distractions rush in or red tape entangles or false accusations spring up, we have reason to be encouraged, because it likely means we are striking a nerve.

So, again, let me express my hope that you pop up on Satan’s radar screen in 2019. The old serpent is fighting for his life in the final hostilities of a lost war. He is not the aggressor anymore—we are, you are, in the power of Christ. Every dollar, every prayer, every missionary we launch together is a bullet, a bomb, an invasion force.

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