Easter Concert

“It’s Jesus!”

We were at an Easter concert where part of the last few days of Jesus’ life was being reenacted. Palm leaves were passed out to the audience, and Jesus was making His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. When our daughter Hope got a look at the person playing Jesus, her eyes lit up, and she said, “It’s Jesus! “It’s Jesus!” Tears filled my eyes as I realized she thought this person was really our Savior. I hated to have to explain he was only an actor.

This experience led me to think about how Christ gets into the world and how people see and experience him.

In our training, we have been talking about the presence of Christ. I believe Christ’s physical presence is in the Most Holy Place in heaven, but there are numerous Bible verses that say Christ’s spirit is present in the hearts and lives of those who accept Him and die to self. Our hands are His hands, and our feet are His feet.

This has given me a new perspective on missions. Being with His creation is very important to Christ. In the Old Testament, He instructed the Israelites to build a tabernacle so He could dwell among them. Because of Christ’s life, death and resurrection, our bodies are now the temple of God. Christ wants us to die to self and have His character replicated in our lives, not only for our salvation, but for the salvation of others. We pray that, as we die to self and allow Christ to live in and through us, others will see and know Him.

Please pray with us that one day soon the Northern Khmer people will shout in unison, “It’s Jesus!” and their hearts will be drawn to Him. Please pray about becoming part of our monthly support team so we can be Christ’s hands, feet and voice among the Northern Khmer.

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