Discipleship in Action

“I have been thinking about what you told me. I followed your advice and have been blessed.” My ears pricked up with curiosity as I heard Kat express her appreciation to Nok. At this point I became fully engaged in the conversation. I was curious to know what Nok, a new Christian, was sharing with Kat, a Thai Buddhist lady who recently began attending our church.

“Yeah, I read my Bible out loud to myself every morning and evening,” Nok continued. “I have found that if I read the Bible out loud I understand what I read much better than if I just read it quietly. I first discovered this when I was asked to read some Bible verses out loud at church a while back.”

“I agree with you,” Kat chimed in. “I have been reading my Bible out loud to myself in the morning, too. It’s my favorite time of day. When I read my Bible I feel so peaceful and happy inside.”

“It seems to me that if everyone would become a Christian, the world would be a good place,” Nok said. “My younger sister goes to the temple regularly to make merit and show respect to the monks. She is trying to make sure that her life will be full of goodness and blessings. I tell her that doing this is pointless, because it doesn’t change the bad things in life. Many people go to the temple to make merit but aren’t interested in changing their lifestyle. But Christians are different. They try to live a good life, they don’t drink alcohol, smoke or party. They try to eat a healthy diet, and they pray to God Who helps them in whatever situation they are going through. Yes, this world would be a good place if everyone were a Christian.”

As the conversation continued to ebb and flow, I was deeply touched. Nok has not been a Christian for long, but already she is taking others under her wing and helping them discover the true God.

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