Depending on the Lord

In the spring of 2018, one of our local evangelists reported that a lady in the church group he leads had a very painful medical condition. From what he explained, we were afraid it might be breast cancer. I told him to encourage her to get properly diagnosed, but it seemed that her husband did not understand the seriousness of the sickness and was not willing to take her to the hospital. We made it a matter of prayer, knowing that, if it was cancer, there was no time to lose. About a month later, her family took her to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.

The next hurdle was to schedule a surgery. Since this is the best hospital in our region, it is overcrowded, and hundreds of people are waiting every day for their turn. Sometimes it takes months to get an operation scheduled. Again, we made it a matter of prayer, and the lady was admitted and scheduled for surgery within only a few weeks. A tumor the size of a child’s fist was removed.

In the West, we have all kinds of follow-up treatments for cancer, but most of them are not available in Benin. Once again, we knelt and pleaded to God for complete healing. When the lady went for her first follow-up appointment after the surgery, she was told that she could get chemotherapy at the very same hospital! With some help from our project funds, she received chemotherapy and took it very well.

Just before starting chemotherapy, she visited her parents. They told her that the family had consulted the spirits and had found that her husband had caused her cancer. They urged her to leave her husband, perform sacrifices and come back to live with them. This lady and her husband have been married for many years and have five children!

Both the wife and the husband testified that God’s healing power saved her life, and they refused to separate or perform sacrifices. They continue to put their faith in the Lord.

Please pray with us for this couple and for the lady’s complete recovery.

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