Ulrike & Toussaint Baur-Kouato

Serving the Otammari people of Benin. Short-term Missionary since 1999.

Ulrike grew up in an Adventist home in Southern Germany. After spending a year as a Student Missionary in Rwanda, she felt the desire to be a missionary to Africa steadily growing in her heart. A few years later, God called her to the Otammari Project in Northern Benin, where she has served in various roles since January 1999.

Toussaint grew up in an evangelical family with an animist background. He befriended the AFM team in 1999 and was baptized in 2000. In 2007, Ulrike and Toussaint married. They are now working together to serve the Otammari people.

Ulrike is working closely with several local evangelists. Together they develop materials and strategies to evangelize this animistic people group. While the local evangelists reach out to Otammari villages and plant churches, Ulrike leads the weekly training session where the team meets to study the Bible, discuss different topics and challenges in the villages and develop more Bible studies. Ulrike is also active in the Natitingou church, serving as the treasurer and director of children’s ministries.

Toussaint ministers to the people in their neighborhood, mentoring several boys and young men as well as counseling their parents in various situations.

In the future, the team plans to extend their outreach to other similar people groups with no Adventist presence in the same area.

Frontier Stories

The Rainy Season

It is the peak of the rainy season, a time when food is scarce and sickness is rampant. We praise God and thank our donors that we can help

By: Ulrike & Toussaint Baur-Kouato
November 01 2023, 11:19 am | Comments 0

Papa Ulrich

Please pray with us that Papa Ulrich would not listen to Satan’s voice, which is trying to tell him that he is rejected and unworthy of God’s love.

By: Uli Baur
October 01 2023, 8:57 am | Comments 0

The God of Twins

Our God proved himself faithful and stronger than any evil forces who had tried to take this little child’s life.

By: Ulrike & Toussaint Baur-Kouato
July 01 2023, 8:40 am | Comments 0


God looks beyond the scars and sees a precious soul worth dying for.

By: Uli Baur
May 01 2023, 10:39 am | Comments 0

The Lemon Tree

Maybe we are running on a low battery. Maybe we are meeting a lot of resistance. Maybe some circumstances out of our control are slowing down our activities. Whatever the reason, I pray that even during those times, I would still bear fruit.

By: Ulrike & Toussaint Baur-Kouato
April 01 2023, 10:25 am | Comments 0

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