Children Sharing

One Sabbath morning, Hope and Haven were in Sabbath school. There weren’t very many children, but a little girl named Chompu, a good friend of theirs, was there.
After the children listened to the story and played some games, it was time for a craft. All the children paired up to share tables. Haven shared a table with a little boy, and Hope shared her table with Chompu. Happily working side by side, they busily cut out fabric pieces and glued them on their papers to create Joseph’s coat of many colors.
After Sabbath school was over and Hope had rejoined our family, she said, “Mommy, I shared my table with Chompu because she was all alone. I wanted to be her friend and share with her.”
Hope and Haven like having opportunities to share Jesus with their friends, even if it is something as small as sharing a craft table.

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