Bring the Orphans Home

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Have you ever felt orphaned, abandoned or homeless?

I certainly have. Especially when visiting my parents’ graves or driving by what used to be my family’s farm. It’s an empty, haunting feeling of never being able to go home again. Left only with memories, one could become stuck in the grief of what was or a longing for what might have been.

The Bible tells us that we are all spiritual orphans until we accept the adoption God offers us. (Rom. 8:15-16, Eph. 1:5, Gal. 4:5, Heb. 9:16-17). Jesus reassures us, “I will not leave you orphans or fatherless . . . I will come to you” (John 14:8).

Between the years 1854 and 1929, an estimated 250,000 orphaned, abandoned and homeless children were transported primary by train from the slums of U.S. east coast to rural communities further west. With tattered clothing, scavenged food and no education options, these children had no hope for tomorrow unless someone rescued them. The plan was that families would come to the train stops to select children and give them loving homes. For the most part, the program was successful. Today, the Orphan Train Museum estimates that the decedents of these orphans now number about 2 million. What a difference adoption made for these children!

God rescues us out of the dust and grime of this earth. He replaces our rags with His royal garments. He calls us sons and daughters and bestows His name upon us. He is always available to talk. He gives us Bread to eat, and there is no want. And He is preparing for each of us an eternal home that cannot be destroyed.

As benefactors of this incredible outpouring of His love and grace, can we do any less than share what He has freely given us? God makes it very plain that He loves orphans and wants His people to show His care to others. He instructs us in James 1:27 and in Deut. 14:29 to care for the orphans and to share food with the fatherless.

Adventist Frontier Missions has a vision to reach the spiritual orphans of this world and tell them the good news of God’s plan of adoption. Won’t you please partner with us to bring the hope of salvation to every kindred, tribe and tongue?

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