Bring the Men Up to the Colors

“By aggressive warfare, in the midst of opposition, peril, loss, and human suffering, the work of soul saving is to be carried forward.” 

This statement may sound a little dramatic in our day and age. Our world is not as treacherous as it was in the times of the apostles, reformers, or pioneer missionaries. Or is it? Today, everyone in the world believes we must respect each other’s religious beliefs. Or do they?
Aggressive warfare. Peril. Suffering. We only wish these words were exaggerations. Most of us will admit that we stay where we are because going “there” would require a sacrifice we hope we are never called to make.

“At a certain battle, when one of the regiments of the attacking force was being beaten back by the hordes of the enemy, the ensign in front stood his ground as the troops retreated. The captain shouted to him to bring back the colors [flag], but the reply of the ensign was:
‘Bring the men up to the colors!’”

There are people today who stand at the battle’s front. They encounter peril, loss and suffering. But they also see the victories to be gained and believe it is worth the risk for Jesus’ sake. They hold their ground in the face of the enemy of souls. They entreat their fellow soldiers to join them.

“We all know that the sin of many professing Christians is that they lack the courage and energy to bring themselves and those connected with them up to the standard.”

The world is not much different today from the days of the apostles, reformers and pioneer missionaries. Thankfully, the same courage they possessed is available to us through our same gracious Lord, Jesus Christ.

Would you like to be one of the front-line missionaries? Will you let Jesus give you the courage and energy for aggressive warfare in saving souls? Come and bring others “up to the colors!”

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