Birthday Blessing

There are some Thai customs that we have decided to incorporate into our family. One of those is turning one’s birthday into an opportunity to do a good deed. Thai Buddhists typically go to the temple to make merit on the morning of their birthday, and many also do some kind of a good deed later in the day.

When my friend Dream and her family decided to take food to a nearby school for the disabled on her birthday, she stopped by the music school to see if we could help with music. Chris Sorensen assured her we could and offered to do games with the kids as well. A few days before her birthday, Dream called me to ask how many of us would be there, as they wanted to prepare special vegetarian meals for us. “It isn’t a regular party,” she cautioned.

“I know, don’t worry,” I told her. “You are doing something for the kids, not yourself.”

The birthday party was both fun and meaningful for everyone involved. It was delightful to hear the children yelling excitedly as they puffed ping pong balls down tables and battled balloons in wheelchair volleyball. We were also blessed to meet one of Dream’s mother’s clients who has now enrolled her son at Peace Music Academy! I hope to follow Dream’s example and look for ways to bless others when my next birthday rolls around.


Sa Was Dee Kha!

Praying for you and Thank you for serving the Lord in an oversea,

Love in Christ and Blessing to you all,


By Oy2014 on May 16 2016, 11:12 am

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