Better Than Luck Charms

The evening sun was sinking beyond the treetops, and the little market street was alive with shoppers. Food vendors were busily selling potatoes on sticks, steamed buns and spicy papaya salad. Customers browsed through clothes neatly hung on racks or heaped in piles on small tarps along the sidewalk. The waning light, the lake in the background and the trees along the water’s edge added to the fun, relaxing atmosphere.

In the middle of it all sat Phin, a sweet Adventist lady who has been selling clothes ever since quitting her previous job so she could attend church on Sabbath mornings. For some reason, on this particular evening sales were slow, and Phin felt discouraged. Then she noticed another seller who seemed quite busy. Her clothes were more expensive, and they seemed to be selling quite well.
“She’s having a good evening,” Phin commented dejectedly to the vendor next to her.

“She has Kong Dee (luck charms),” the woman replied.

Phin knew she had probably purchased the Kong Dee from a Buddhist monk, and she felt a pang of jealousy. Her mind wandered. What if . . . ?

For the past few weeks Phin’s life had been very busy. With her usual small-group Bible study partners out of town, she hadn’t been making much time for her Bible reading. But then Kyle and pastor Apisit called to arrange an early afternoon Bible study, and Phin and her husband welcomed them into their home. It was good to be back in the Word!

The following evening, Phin returned to the market and set out her clothing. Again the evening sun was dropping behind the treetops, the market was busy, and people were buying food and browsing through the vendors’ wares. But this time something was different, and the vendor woman next to Phin noticed right away. On this particular evening, many customers were browsing through Phin’s clothes. Turning to Phin, she said, “So, you got yourself some Kong Dee already?”

Phin looked a bit confused, and then she smiled. “Oh, no!” she said. “I have God!”

She did have God! She knew He was with her, helping her. He was more important and desirable to her than any luck charm, and certainly worth making time for even when she was busy. Again, she resolved that she would stay on God’s way. No more idle thoughts. No more indecision.

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