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Typically, Cambodians are very shy. They do not talk much about their personal life or, for that matter, anything else. But that day in the countryside, this newly baptized couple showed their inner selves—people who enjoy the simple and good pleasures that God has provided to enjoy . . . nature, the company of family and loved ones, and a heartfelt conversation between friends.

When we arrived at their home, we immediately noticed how comfortable they felt in this environment. So natural, so enthusiastic, so passionate about their livelihood, they explained how each plantation worked, how many months it takes for plants to grow to maturity before they bear fruit, and the details of the irrigation system needed to be successful.

We visited and prayed, assisted them with some work, and, in return, they blessed us with banana bunches to take home—heavy bunches! We carried them on traditional backpacks, made of cow leather and in the shape of a basket, designed to help one maintain proper posture. Our 25-minute hike back up a fairly steep hill and out of the valley plantation loaded with banana bunches was, as you can imagine, very good exercise.

It was not easy for this couple to decide to follow Christ. They are challenged daily as they stand firm for divine principles. With tears in her eyes, the wife shared with us the grief she felt over her mother’s death and the pain her extended family inflicted upon her by rejecting and publicly exposing her because she refused to contribute to the ritual sacrifices they offered for their mother.  Despite the emotional pain, she does not regret her decision. She knows God claims her life, and that day the name of Jesus was exalted in the village through her testimony.

Please pray for them and others struggling through persecution because they decided to follow the true path. 

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