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A Year of Blessings

Image for A Year of Blessings

To follow up the “Power of Thanksgiving” article in last month’s Adventist Frontiers, I asked all AFM employees to list the blessings they have experienced in 2013. What you see above is a word mosaic from their emails. The larger the font size, the more frequently the word was used. I cannot describe how encouraged I felt as I read their praises. God is so good! He blesses us in so many ways. But what thrilled my heart most was to see God, the source of all the blessings, in the largest print!

To all of you who support AFM, thank you for giving of yourselves—your time, your money, your prayers. You are God’s blessing to the unreached. Together, we are the body of Christ, seeking lost people for the kingdom. Praise the Lord! Jesus comes!

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